Can Yoga Help With Weight Loss

Let’s talk about yoga.

Yoga is not a sport like any other. Famous for its Zen discipline, it is recognized for its relaxing and soothing virtues, for both the body and the mind. Its practice is therefore particularly recommended for women whose weight gain is partly related to stress. In short, with yoga one can possibly promote some weight loss!

However in the collective imagination, yoga is a sport more spiritual than physical. Is it so? The lotus flower, the water lily and the grasshopper do not work only the mind, far from it. So overcome any preconceived ideas, and do not lose sight that to practice regular yoga also allows you to:

  1. muscle and tonify all the body, in a harmonious way because it solicits the whole muscles.
  2. improve our flexibility and sustainability. Ideal for those who want a slender silhouette and who feel packed
  3. breathe better, which will promote the elimination of toxins fixed in the tissues.

Moreover, the majority of women who practice yoga for the purpose of weight loss agree that the more you progress and the better the poses are performed, the more comfortable you feel in your bodies. We feel a great sense of control and self-control, which really helps us fight food temptations, as well as acquire new nutritional habits.

Some of you will ask: why is yoga more effective as a weight loss exercise program than other forms of exercise – like aerobics for example?

Many people do not know that the benefits of yoga are not just for the body, but also the soul and the mind, because yoga is one of the most gentle and relaxing ways to exercise in order to lose weight.

Is yoga for weight loss a reality?

This is undoubtedly why more and more people are turning to the practice of yoga for weight loss and achieving a peace of mind. Also, if you are confused and if you are wondering if yoga can help you lose weight, why not try and decide for yourself?

Let’s discover together below the different ways in which yoga can not only help you stay in shape but also make you lose weight and burn calories.

Yoga postures to lose weight

To get rid of this unsightly surplus of fats on your body, nothing better than yoga postures, because this is simply one of the best ways to lose weight. You’ve probably already heard of power yoga, one of the most common and most effective forms of yoga to lose weight.

There are yet other forms of yoga that can be practiced in order to burn fat and chisel a perfect body. By assimilating and practicing yoga postures – also called asanas, you will have the answer to the question that is tapping you: can I lose weight with yoga?

Ardha Sarvangasana

Ardha sarvanagasana is also known as the posture of the candle. This integral body posture, or asana, is very effective in losing weight around the belly. In addition, it regenerates the entire body and improves the functioning of the thyroid gland. Let’s see now step by step how to practice ardha sarvanagasana.

Lie on your back by placing your hands on your lower back, so that they support you when you raise your legs in the air; keep the forearms and elbows on the floor.

If this posture is properly performed, you will feel the weight of your body resting on your shoulders and on the middle and lower back parts. Note also that you will have to feel pressure on the neck, otherwise it means that the posture is badly performed.

Once in position, breathe slowly for 5 to 10 minutes without moving. When you return to the starting position, your legs should remain straight; bring them back slowly.

As your practice progresses, gradually increase the length of time you are holding a candle. Although ardha sarvangasana is a very effective yoga posture to lose weight, it should not be undertaken by people with heavy hips because the whole weight of the body rests on the shoulders. Similarly, this posture is not recommended for people with low back problems, blocked sinuses, throat inflammation or hypertension.

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