Vinyasa Yoga Explained

Vinyasa, commonly known as “flow yoga”, is a style in this ancient Asian practice that is characterized by stringing different postures together. Some people confuse this style with “power yoga” because of its similarities with the use of varying poses.

There are no two Vinyasa classes that are alike. Some sessions would follow the “fixed forms” which features 26 postures in every single class, while others use “Ashtanga” which has different poses but follows the same sequence every time as soon as all poses have been covered.

The objective of Vinyasa yoga is it helps develop a more balanced body and can therefore prevent motion injuries that typically happens to people who are uncoordinated. The reason why so many people like this form of yoga is because it is an expression that is usually missing in other practices.

Vinyasa emphasizes on the experience of being alive, connected and free. It reminds yogis that everything around us is connected and interdependent with one another.

Aside from the spiritual awakening from Vinyasa, here are other reasons why this classification of yoga is an experience everybody should try.

1. It Is Perfect For Beginners

As Vinyasa is a diverse practice, any beginner can easily find a class that will provide both a mental and physical challenge in a healthy way. This is also the kind of yoga that will teach you proper breathing techniques and how to apply them every time you change positions.

2. It Keeps You Focused

The concept of Vinyasa relate to keeping your body shifts and movements interconnected by inhaling and exhaling. Instructors try to keep the movements as fluid and continuous as possible. If you struggle with a lack of concentration and mind-wandering, Vinyasa can help you address these issues.

3. It Is An Interesting Practice

There are no exact rules set in stone when it comes to teaching Vinyasa. Many instructors incorporate other styles of yoga to keep the class interested and engaged. Some would also switch up their playlist and incorporate nature soundtracks to provide a more zen vibe.

4. It Can Help With Weight Loss

Because instructors incorporate other forms of yoga, nobody can expect how much work the next day’s session will entail. And because each class follows a continuous sequence, it is great for getting your heart rate up. When your heart rate is elevated, you can be sure that your body is burning more calories than usual.

5. It is A Great Challenge

Although the poses of Vinyasa might seem easy and relaxing, this style of yoga is actually quite challenging. Because this practice changes a lot over time, it takes a while for one to master one particular pose. You have to attend the class for months to master the easier poses.

In fact, you will find yourself in a different territory almost every single time as the teacher throws inversions of different poses. The positive outcome from this challenge is that it improves your flexibility, balance and strength.

6. It Is A Complete Class

Vinyasa is a complete instruction class because it incorporates all of the various “Asana” families in one session. These yoga categories are where each posture in every yoga class belongs to. Because the cycle of classes through Asana categories are taught over a series of weeks, you will have a greater depth of postural understanding.

7. Improve Consciousness

Vinyasa induces your body into a “flow state”. As defined by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, it is a type of consciousness wherein you are in a state of being fully absorbed and highly focused on the task at hand. When you are in this state, everything is said to feel easier and more connected. Many yogis call this state “the effortless effort”.

8. Vinyasa Is Fun

Because of the following movements and great playlist, this practice feels more like an interpretative dance. Every person in this class will look incredibly graceful and engaged in every pose.

As a philosophy, Vinyasa yoga recognizes the temporary nature of all things. One may enter into a certain posture, stay there for a while, then leave. Each posture represents the action of life and breathing connects these actions while having the intention of moving towards it.

The wisdom in Vinyasa is then revealed through observing ourselves move pose after pose in the real world; and how we move takes on a greater importance than what we are doing.

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